Heroes Classes

chubby dragon mmorpg 2021 classi


The mage is the most destructive class in the game capable of creating strong spells.

Like every other class in the game, her first spell is summoning her own Dragon but most other spells are area-based.

he has no healing abilities, but he will have no problem dealing massive elemental damage.

Pay attention to the health points, if you choose the wizard as your hero you will have immense destructive power at the expense of your stamina and physical strength.


The warrior is the most skilled class, quick to move and ready for hand-to-hand battle.

he Uses a large sword that moves very fast thanks to his physical strength and fighting skills.

He prefers short-duration single-hit skills to favor one-on-one battles rather than group battles.

If you’re a confident warrior, this is the perfect class.


The priest is the class that can heal with his unique ability.

The priest is not limited to support but is capable of summoning powerful destructive abilities that hit multiple targets at the same time.

He doesn’t stand out for his strength or endurance but on the other hand he can be versatile in every situation.

With respect to the wizard, she draws his strength not from elemental magic but from his faith.


Paladin is the toughest and strongest class in the game.

Use a huge hammer that you spin over your head and then hurl it at your enemies.

he doesn’t have a large number of single-hit abilities but prefers those that can wipe out multiple enemies at once.

Paladin is the armored warrior to choose if your goal is to forcefully destroy every obstacle.

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