In this guide we will guide you in the difficult decision of which class to choose at the beginning of the game among the four main ones available but more generally it is a choice common to many games that share the same types of attacks and spells.

In Chubby Dragon there are four different main classes and immediately after registration it will be mandatory to choose a starting class to access the game; this choice most of the time makes many players hesitate but we reassure you immediately by clarifying that it will be possible to change classes at any time.

In fact, in the game, after deciding which class to choose, it is possible to create up to 4 different characters at the same time so as to give you the opportunity to try all the available classes.

Furthermore, it will always be possible to delete a previously created character provided that all progress of that character is lost.

Each class has different stats and abilities but they all start the game with the same first skill, the ability to summon their own chubby dragon.

Which class to choose in the game?

The first feature to consider when playing an RPG or MMORPG is the type of game you prefer between melee and ranged attacking, choosing a close combat attack class such as that of the warrior or paldino if you prefer close combat.

If you prefer a ranged or support attack, the classes that are right for you are the wizard and the priest.

To facilitate the answer to the question of which class to choose in an MMORPG we have created a list of usually common characteristics:


  • Melee attack
  • Health and stamina
  • Single hit skills
  • Attack speed


  • Ranged attack
  • AOE skill (Area of ​​Effect)
  • Magic attack
  • Support skills

Each class today has 4 different sub-classes that can be selected during character creation, each sub-class has a different appearance and also their abilities will change in color and in some cases they may change in size or type.

Check out all the classes and sub-classes in the game on the Chubby Dragon hero page.

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